New Stock Account Application

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What you need to have handy to complete your application:
  • Government issued picture identification.
    Must be notarized if non-Nigeria issued. (Driver's License, National I.D, Permanent Voters Card or International Passport).
  • Utility bill no older than 3 months as proof of address.
    Must be notarized if non-Nigeria issued. (Electric, Telephone, Waste Management or Water Bill).
  • Passport Photograph
    Take a quick one with your phone.
  • Signature Specimen
    Sign a piece of plain white paper and take a quick photo with your phone.
  • Your bank verification number (BVN)
    Don't remember? Dial *565*0# on your phone to get it. Charges may apply
  • Nigerian bank account information
    (bank name, account number and year account opened)
First Name
Last Name
Date Of Birth
Middle Name
Mother's Maiden Name
Street Address
Postal Code
Name Next of Kin
Next of Kin Relationship
Next of Kin Address
Next of Kin Phone
Next of Kin CHN (CSCS No.)
Year Account Opened
Bank Account Name
Bank Account Number

Account Holder Information
Date of Birth:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Next of Kin Information
Next of Kin Name:
Next of Kin Relationship:
Next of Kin Address:
Next of Kin Phone:
Next of Kin CHN:
Bank Account Information
Bank Account Name:
Bank Account Number:
Year Account Opened:
KYC Documents
Passport Photo:
ID Card:
Utility Bill:
Signature Specimen:

I confirm that the information I have provided in this application is true, complete and accurate.


I hereby authorize Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited to open a stockbroking account on my behalf. I undertake to settle all outstanding dues as a result of my sell or buy mandate. Failing which Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited is authorized to sell/ hold such stocks/ monies as may be adequate to offset any outstanding.

CAVEAT EMPTOR Investment in the capital market can be volatile and high risk and is best recommended as long term investment. Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited and (any of its legal representatives) shall not be libale for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage that may occur as a result of any investment made therein. Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited affirms that we shall offer our best services to our clients at all times. HOWEVER we shall bear no liability for any loss occasioned as a result of any investment made in the capital market except where it can be proved that same was occaioned by negligence on the part of Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited.

Your application has been succesfully submitted (We also sent you a confirmation email).

Our team will review your application and may contact you within the next 24 hrs with follow-up questions.
We'll need 2 business days to deliver your new account and you'll receive an email when it's ready.